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What are Community Information Systems?

Community Information Systems are web-based solutions, often providing a range of end-user functionality from simple reports to more sophisticated analytical and data visualization tools. They are generally aimed at both internal staff within a community foundation(executive directors, programme officers, communications managers and philanthropic services) and external users (community groups, local businesses, politicians and community planners). They provide direct access to an evidence-base improving decision-making and ultimately supporting improvement in quality of life of local communities.

Community Information Systems (CIS) bring together a wide range of social, economic and environmental data and information often in the form of performance indicators around objectives like:-

  • Communicating outcome measures to citizens, stimulating public debate and building confidence in progress towards societal goals.
  • Widening the use of data by citizens and public officials to support decision-making, improve policy and target resources.
  • Monitoring the health, social well-being and sustainability of communities through the management of Quality of Life indicators.
  • Providing a wider local intelligence context to key performance indicators for government officials.
  • Local community goals

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