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Carpet of Bluebells - Hertfordshire, England

“Using data reporting to turn a data rich resource into useful intelligence for

council employees, partner organisations and citizens”

Future developments



The new Health and Social Care Bill places additional demands on the JSNA which will inform the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and work of the Board. “We will be working much more closely with commissioners and other public health professionals on the ground so we can extract their insight and knowledge and include it in our intelligence base,” says Bernard.


“The results of the 2011 Census will be published in the next few months and Instant Atlas will be our preferred method of delivering the results to both staff and the public.”


JSNA Deprivation Module Dynamic Report LSOA HTML5

Key benefits


  • InstantAtlas has helped the Unit punch above its weight in an area where there is increasing demand for evidence-based planning
  • The Unit is able to ensure the same data is being used within the council and across partner organisations
  • With Children’s Centres OFSTED inspectors now have access to the evidence base which supports planning decisions
  • The Unit is providing commissioners with an easy-to-access intelligence resource to support their commissioning work
  • The Unit is providing easy-to-access strategic intelligence support for Health and Wealth Being Boards


Guest blogging posts from the Hertfordshire team

Jo Whitlam | HertsLIS

Hertfordshire’s Profiling approach. Three years on, how did we get here?


Why InstantAtlas?


We chose InstantAtlas as a solution to delivering data to our Children’s Centres who, dispersed around Hertfordshire, are constantly being inspected by Ofsted and require performance data with little or no notice. The sheer volume of Children’s Centres (currently 82) and their data requirements meant that InstantAtlas was the ideal alternative to delivering them on-the-fly, with no concern about them being out of date, which PDF’s could not offer. The PDF’s also required huge manual effort...


Jo Whitlam | HertsLIS

Hertfordshire’s Profiling Approach. We’re here! (Part 2 of a series)


In our last article, we introduced you to our approach of using Profiling as our core data delivery tool, its reception and usage by our users.  In this installment we share what it takes to keep our 700+ datasets in shape, the projects we are working on and the team behind it all.


Instant Atlas is at the core of our Team.  Due to various service rationalisations, we have been gathered centrally with approximately half the team still funded and working for those services, making them subject ‘specialists’…



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