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InstantAtlas Desktop is a set of tools for designing, populating and publishing Dynamic Reports




The Desktop Advanced Course is a one-day course designed for users already familiar with InstantAtlas Desktop Edition. If you have completed the Desktop Foundation Course, you will have the knowledge required to attend this course.

This course will enable you to create professional InstantAtlas dynamic reports for different types of audiences, achieve optimum report performance, and efficiently manage advanced data presentations. These areas have a high impact on the end user experience and this course will therefore ensure you are getting the most from InstantAtlas.


Advanced Course content:


Advanced report design


  • Key Dos and Don’ts for professional designs
  • Optimising inserted images and logos
  • Using drop/box shadows
  • Gradients and background images


Multi-geography reports



Batch Publisher


  • Batch Publisher setup in Excel
  • Launching and troubleshooting the Batch Publisher


Geographic drill-downs


  • Linking the reports using notes links
  • Linking the reports using JavaScript


Using URL Parameters


  • Open reports with specific indicators, dates, filters, etc
  • Open reports with a specific data file, configuration file, stylesheet, etc


Embedding a report


  • Options for embedding a report into another web page


Mastering the Bubble Plot template


  • Overview of the different default configurations:
  • Scatterplot
  • Advanced Bubble Pot
  • Simple Bubble Plot
  • Funnel Plot
  • Data preparation and configuration options
  • Special requirements for Funnel Plots


The Feature Card


  • Using the Feature Card to create highly-customised components


Duration and Style


The Desktop Foundation course is a one-day course and can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Online - classroom training delivered via webinar software
  • Edinburgh - classroom training at our offices in Edinburgh, UK
  • On-site - training at your premises at your convenience




You can view the pricing information here:








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