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Cancer data mapping and reporting with InstantAtlas

InstantAtlas is now well-adopted by cancer registries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. It is ideal for presenting incidence and mortality data and trends in a spatial context to internal and external audiences.

With the inclusion of interactive charts, graphs, table and map together in a single view, InstantAtlas displays are particularly suited to presenting cancer statistics. The dangers of misinterpretation of clusters common to a lot of cancer mapping can be minimized because both graphs and confidence error bars qualify the visual impressions given in the map view.

Cancer data in the public domain is a sensitive theme. A strong feature of InstantAtlas Designer is the ease with which the author of the reports can adapt the layout, content and annotations easily to suit the intended audience.

Simple to implement

You can take data from a spreadsheet, add your boundary file, publish an InstantAtlas stand-alone dynamic flash report and place it on your web site. Typically, this can all be done in less than a day. You do not need any special technical knowledge. You use familiar tools

If you currently have data query, table maker or static mapping systems for your cancer tables, consider this also as a valuable add-on for integration.

A favoured solution

Because in most cases, data included in reports is managed using Microsoft Excel tables, it is inherently easy to combine cancer data profiles with risk behavior statistics, socio-economic variables, or environmental and demographic data.

Currently in the US,  25 State Departments of Health are implementing this software for different programs including behavioral risk factor surveillance, vital records, cancer registries, communicable and non-communicable diseases.

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