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“Using data presentation to improve the commissioning

of child and maternal health services”

Meeting the need


According to David, the initial focus was to make data available that could be used to improve the commissioning of health services for children. However, ChiMat found that a lot of clinical staff were also downloading information and creating reports. ChiMat’s frequent user surveys found that a wide user audience has been using the data and has been finding it useful.


Future developments


ChiMat will be adding additional data sets relating to child health later this year. This will help to create additional child profiles and reports – areas that are likely to be included will be vulnerable children and children with mental health problems. Accident prevention and emotional wellbeing are also on the list, as are teenage pregnancy and vaccination and immunisation, long-term conditions, dental health and health behaviours. “These are all issues that commissioners are working on locally,” says David.


  • Data presentation has helped ChiMat reach a wider audience
  • ChiMat believes there have been potential savings for the NHS – the time saved that would otherwise have been spent on finding and interpreting the data.
  • Duplication of effort has also been reduced.
  • ChiMat has helped commissioners and other organisations benchmark services using a standard and accepted dataset.

HTML 5 Double Map

Births in NHS Hospitals

HTML 5 Single Map (Point data)

Atlas of variation in healthcare for children and young people

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