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UK Consumer Data Mapping & Reporting Tools for Marketing Professionals

Build interactive and engaging InstantAtlas Dashboards and Consumer Profile Reports with ExperianTM Mosaic Types

Delivering against your strategic marketing plan brings with it a plethora of challenges, where evidence is vital to ensure your plan remains aligned against your organisation’s mission, vision and ultimately the corporate goals and objectives for stakeholders. – As an experienced marketing professional you will understand this statement all too well.


With customer profiling and analysis, being a key component of your plan, you will need the right tools to deliver deep insights into where your target audiences are geo-located. Information generated will guide strategic decsions, determine the optimum allocation of resources and dictate how your organisation’s capabilities should be deployed to support customer acquisition efforts, enhance customer experience and deliver on strategic marketing plan promises.


InstantAtlas Online for Marketing Professionals is a platform where you the marketer can take the initiative and start to explore UK consumer profiles through interactive maps, charts and tables.  All of which are delivered through highly engaging interactive dashboards and profile reports using Experian Mosiac Types. They are easy to create and you don’t need any special technical knowledge to use the tools.


In addition, InstantAtlas Online makes it easy for stakeholders to see regional and local patterns and profile trends on your target audience. Providing essential evidence to support marketing initiatives, activities and tactics needed to ensure your strategic marketing plan complies with agreed objectives for your organisation.


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