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The Coventry Partnership is the local name for Coventry's Local Strategic Partnership (LSP). Its aim is to bring together combined resources, energy and creativity to meet the economic, social, physical and environmental needs of Coventry and the health and well-being of its people. The Coventry Partnership Board is made up of representatives from the public, private, community and voluntary sector.

‘Facts about Coventry’ (http://www.facts-about-coventry.com) is the LSP’s online information hub and it contains a wide range of statistical data and performance information about Coventry and its people. The data is structured around the key priorities for Coventry, as well as demographic information for the city.

Visitors to the site can choose either to click on ‘Quick Statistics’ which provides a statistical overview of the City, or they caninvestigate Performance Reports which show progress against the key priorities for Coventry. Feedback shows that partners are very pleased with the outcome and are impressed with the way the site is being used.

The site was developed by one of the partners - Coventry City Council. We spoke to Tim Healey, Corporate Research Officer about the reasons for its success. Tim believes that the site is being used by a number of different groups within the LSP. For example the education team is using it to find updated demographic information. Third sector organisations wanting to apply for funding are also using it to discover the detail about the areas they are working in. The general public also finds it useful because it helps to answer a range of questions that would otherwise be directed towards researchers. “It’s suitable for everyone. Anyone with a computer can get the information they need,” says Tim.

There were of course challenges during the development but the team is happy with the result. “Support from Geowise has been outstanding and they are always quick to reply and help out. It would have taken a lot longer without their help,” says Tim.

Tim says that the plan is to continue expanding data that is available on the site. They are looking at it as the complete reference site for anyone involved with the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - which will save on paper and workload.

Coventry City Council InstantAtlas User Conference Presentation

“We’ve worked really closely with colleagues with data roles across the Coventry Partnership to come up with a presentation solution which meets all of their requirements. Key to this was the inclusion of a “comparator box” which calculates an overall Coventry figure and allows for other benchmark comparator data to be shown alongside the more granular local data. We also needed to be able to create sub-regional dataviews down to LSOA level and so make extensive use of sub-sets to allow the same datapoints to be used in both sub-regional and local Coventry maps. We’ve managed to design our InstantAtlas application to satisfy all of our partners requirements,” says Tim.


  • Support grant-fund applications made by The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
  • Present and analyse Library usage information in support of reviews of this service provision and reductions in service planned by neighbouring authorities
  • Analyse the take up of health improvement activities against IMD Health domain data at a neighbourhood level
  • Support the Community Safety strategic assessment working with Police data colleagues
  • Develop needs assessment for colleagues working to improve specific neighbourhoods
  • Deliver a presentation of Marmot Review Health Inequalities data
  • Replacement of the JSNA databook with detailed IA dataviews

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Want to know what powers Coventry's information hub?

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