Les professionnels de l’information emploient InstantAtlas dans un large éventail d’organismes nationaux, régionaux et locaux en vue de communiquer les modèles et les tendances découlant des résultats de performance et des statistiques clés. Leurs audiences englobent les officiels élus, les dirigeants, les décideurs et les citoyens. Ci-dessous, vous pouvez prendre connaissance de leurs expériences et savoir quel usage ils font de InstantAtlas.

Profilage de territoires et systèmes d’information locaux - déployer sous la forme d’un système de rapport complet pour les indicateurs de territoires et les statistiques (ou pour améliorer une solution existante en intégrant les rapports dynamiques de InstantAtlas dans l’interface actuelle : obtenez des informations supplémentaires sur l’intégration dans la Zone Développeurs.)

Thèmes individuels majeurs :

Crime et sécurité - communiquer les tendances et les modèles en matière de réduction du taux de criminalité et de sécurité de la communauté.

Défavorisation et renouvellement urbain - mettre en lumière les modèles et les tendances en matière de défavorisation et de potentiel de développement économique.

Elections - publier les résultats des élections, des scrutins, des consultations et des sondages.

Galerie Client

Profilage de territoires et systèmes d’information locaux
Nottingham Council
Nottingham Council, Royaume-Uni

"We selected InstantAtlas for ease of creating neighbourhood maps and graphs, intuitive ease-of-use, speed of operation, affordability and expected ease of implementation and integration with the council's ESRI tool-set."

Mick Dunn, Corporate GIS Manager, Nottingham City Council

Case Study
Fife Council, Royaume-Uni

"InstantAtlas enables KnowFife Dataset users to explore multi-agency data sets online and locate for themselves the information they want, drill down into it and perform their own custom analyses. It is also good to know that everyone has the same access to the information. This self service, InstantAtlas-supported approach means far fewer ad-hoc data requests for each partner, is saving everybody time and resources and most importantly is making information on Fife so much more accessible to decision makers and our citizens."

Coryn Barclay, Policy Officer, Corporate Research Team, Policy and Organisational Development, Fife Council

Case Study
Tower Hamlets
London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Royaume-Uni

"InstantAtlas offers the Tower Hamlets Partnership a best practice, 'off-the-shelf' neighbourhood information system that provides value for money and integrates well with core LBTH IT infrastructure from Microsoft and ESRI. It will be key to supporting a framework for managing and reporting local performance outcomes across our Local Strategic Partnership and Local Area Agreement. The InstantAtlas team has demonstrated a sound knowledge of our data and technical requirements and has delivered a solution meeting our key requirements within our tight deadlines."

Louise Russell, Head of Partnership Performance, and Robin Harris, THIS Borough Manager.

Case Study
Crime et sécurité
Worcestershire Crime Atlas
Worcestershire County Council, Royaume-Uni

Worcestershire Crime Atlas screenshot

"InstantAtlas provides a cost-effective, quick and adaptable tool which needs no underlying software and can be updated with new data with minimal effort. It also provides a much more intuitive interface when compared with GIS. Overall, we would give a recommendation for organisations with similar needs to consider using InstantAtlas "

David Onions, Research & Intelligence Unit, Worcestershire County Council

Défavorisation et renouvellement urbain
East of England Development Agency
East of England Observatory: Mapping module, Royaume-Uni

Socio-Economic Indicators Mapping module screenshot

"We need a solution that is easy for our website users to access and manipulate, and for EEDA to maintain. InstantAtlas fulfils these criteria and is proving straightforward to update and expand."

Tom Morrison, Knowledge and Information Team, East of England Development Agency

Annual Monitoring Report
EERA Annual Monitoring Report, Royaume-Uni

EERA AMR screenshot

"Instant Atlas has allowed EERA to transform access to the data contained within our Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) annual monitoring report. Whereas previously data were held in static tables and graphs they are now presented in a format that helps dynamically and clearly display progress towards RSS targets and aids comparison over time and between authorities in the region."

James Perry, Regional Analyst, EERA

Regional Coordination Unit
Regional Outcome Indicators, Royaume-Uni

ODPM ROI screenshot


Wakefield Deprivation Reports
Wakefield Single Map, Royaume-Uni

Wakefield Single Map Deprivation Report


Blackpool Council 2007 Local Election Results
Blackpool Council Local Election 2007, Royaume-Uni  atlas

Blackpool Election Atlas

West Lothian Council 2007 Local Election Results
West Lothian Council Local Election 2007, Royaume-Uni   atlas

West Lothian Election atlas