Santé publique & aide sociale

Des professionnels de l’information emploient InstantAtlas pour mettre en relief les modèles et les tendances en matière de santé publique et d’aide sociale en vue d’obtenir un contrôle efficace, un rapport de performance, une mise en œuvre, une surveillance et une communication pour leurs collègues, leurs directeurs et le public. Ci-dessous, vous pouvez prendre connaissance de leurs expériences et savoir quel usage ils font de InstantAtlas.

Galerie Clients

Ministry of Health, Nouvelle Zélande

PHIOnline screenshot

"Our PHIOnline site uses InstantAtlas to make large volumes of statistics much more accessible. Interactive graphics help decision makers interpret issues and trends. The clear visuals stimulate interest, investigation and support confident action to improve public health. User feedback has been excellent."

Dr. Barry Borman, Manager(Epidemiologist) Public Health Intelligence, Ministry of Health, New Zealand

Injury Health Atlas
Department of Health and Human Services, New Hampshire, US

USA Health Screenshot

"Instant Atlas is a cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly web tool that provides professional looking maps, data tables, and graphs of aggregated data. Bar charts with confidence intervals, scatter plots, and trend charts nicely supplement colorful map displays. Data exploration is is easy and fast. Instant Atlas reduces the workload of custom data requests while improving customer satisfaction."

David L. Reichel, Statistician Health Statistics and Data Management, State of New Hampshire

Compendium of Clinical and Health Indicators
National Centre for Health Outcome Development, Royaume-Uni

NCHOD screenshot

"By using InstantAtlas to make the statistics more accessible, and exploration and analysis easier, we are delivering a better service to our users, helping them more fully understand the data and make better, more informed decisions."

Daniel Eayres, Health Protection Agency NW, Regional Epidemiology

Case Study
Monitoring Diabetes
Diabetes UK, Royaume-Uni

Diabetes UK Infobank screenshot

"The powerful visuals in InstantAtlas enable us to communicate the issues clearly with all our audiences. We can analyse local service provision versus targets and easily graph these to make our lobbying assertive and more effective. People with diabetes can also quickly see how their locality is performing."

Charlotte Gosden, Information Analyst, Healthcare and Policy Team, Diabetes UK

Case Study
Interactive Social Health Atlas
Public Health Information Development Unit, University of Adelaide, Australie

Social Health Atlas

"InstantAtlas met the need for a simple, user-friendly interface to our data.

The features that enable users to view details for their local area make this an excellent, well-designed and low cost vehicle to deliver population health data for Australia."

John Glover, Director, Public Health Information Development Unit

Nationale Atlas Volksgezondheid – National Public Health Atlas of the Netherlands
RIVM, Pays Bas

Netherlands Public Health Atlas

This atlas presents a geographical picture of the state of health and health care in the Netherlands. The report displays the levels of obesity throughout the provinces.

Public Health Reports - North Rhine-Westphalia
The Institute of Health and Work of North Rhine-Westphalia (LIGA), Allemagne

Public Health Report for Nordrhein-Westfalen

"The Institute of Health and Work of North Rhine-Westphalia presents health information for NRW in tables and graphs on its website.

InstantAtlas is an excellent tool for presenting county-level data in a very concise way with options for interactive analysis. The County Profile contains the key indicators needed to quickly assess the overall health situation in each county. InstantAtlas enables the user to see indicator values for individual counties as well as make county-to-county comparisons and to the state averages. Using InstantAtlas for the presentation of health information will significantly simplify and enhance the use of our indicators."

Dr. Wolfgang Hellmeier, Head of Health Indicators Unit, LIGA.

Surveillance of Infectious Disease and Environmental Hazards
Health Protection Agency North West, Royaume-Uni

HPANW Surveillance report screenshot

"InstantAtlas is an effective tool in delivery of our surveillance goals in North West England.

It is a key part of supporting local Programme working, enabling improved framing of the health protection challenges and enhanced engagement with our local and regional partners."

Dr Will Sopwith, Health Protection Agency NW, Regional Epidemiology

South East Region Public Health Observatory Reports
South East Region Public Health Observatory, Royaume-Uni

SEPHO Cluster Profile Report screenshot

"I have demonstrated the software to a number of senior public health specialists and received a great deal of positive feedback - complex data previously once displayed in tedious two dimensional spreadsheets and charts is now transformed in an exciting and more meaningful manner"

Steven Morgan, Senior Public Health Information Specialist, SEPHO

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The Sheffield Health and Well-being Atlas
Sheffield PCT, Royaume-Uni

The Sheffield Health and Well-being Atlas

"InstantAtlas is helping us get health messages across through visual communications rather than rows of numbers. This saves our audiences time and makes the data much more stimulating and easier to understand. We can add commentary to presentations to assist interpretation too."

Tamsin Jones, Senior Public Health Analyst, Sheffield Primary Care Trust

Case Study
"Your Health" - Public Health Statistics for Knowlsey
Knowsley PCT, Royaume-Uni

Your Health screenshot

"InstantAtlas is helping us better communicate health trends and issues and to identify the public health priorities that really matter in our community. InstantAtlas enables the user to play with the information until satisfied they have defined and been presented with the precisely what they want."

Chris Williamson, Information Analyst, Public Health Intelligence Team, Knowsley Primary Care Trust