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“Blood donations and the German Red Cross - how data visualization software

is helping to improve donation rates”



Getting started


Geconomy decided to use InstantAtlas to provide a visual insight into the data. There was a lot of information which in some cases went back to 1981. “We had access to data that was at regional and city level going back several decades,” he says. “This meant it had the potential to be very useful in terms of being able to make comparisons not only geographically but across a given time period.”


Thomas says that even though there was a large volume of data getting into a format that could be displayed in online reports using InstantAtlas was straightforward. Geconomy has now produced a series of reports that are being used internally by the Red Cross in a number of regional branches.


Meeting the need


Thomas says the reports have brought a new dimension to the analysis of donation rates and users are able to see spatial aspects they wouldn’t be able to get from a spreadsheet. “We know the project has been well-received and users are able to make the most of the reports by including exports visualizations into their internal presentations


Future development


Geconomy has been very pleased with the way InstantAtlas has been used in this project and Thomas believes it could be used by all regional branches of the German Red Cross. Thomas says it could also be applied to other Geconomy work in agriculture. For instance data visualization could help in the study of the milk market at regional level.
















Other benefits are:


  • Data visualization is giving one of Geconomy’s main customers a new insight into data that ultimately could improve blood donation rates in some regions
  • Red Cross employees are able to work with the data in an easily-accessible format that can be incorporated into internal presentations
  • Data visualization is engaging a wide range of users within the German Red Cross
  • Geconomy is able to showcase the use of data visualization to other potential customers









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