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Government statistical reporting with InstantAtlas


As a government analyst, researcher, statistician, data manager or even GIS expert, you may have seen that InstantAtlas web-based solutions are now being used by government departments at international, national, regional and local level. The reason is simple: they provide good end-user functionality for anyone looking for simple reports or more sophisticated analytical and data visualization tools.


Our customer research shows InstantAtlas is being used to provide direct access to evidence which in turn improves decision-making and ultimately supports improvement in quality of life within local communities. The aim is to disseminate government statistics and indicators where there is a need to communicate geographic patterns and trends to a wider audience. Our customers are creating outputs aimed at a wide spectrum of end-users from specialist 'experts' to 'lay users'.


A wide range of users are now seeing the benefits from internal staff within government bodies (executive directors, policy officers, analysts, communications and performance managers) to external users (community groups, local businesses, media, politicians and community planners).


InstantAtlas reports cover most major statistical domains - population, education and skills, crime, economic development, health, housing and deprivation. They include examples of statistical reporting, performance monitoring and area profiling and are being used.

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Customer Stories


Colorado Ace Elections

Judd Choate
Colorado Dept. of State

Colorado Department of State takes accountability to the next level with an innovative election reporting initiative.

Click here

West Yorkshire
Data Observatory

Providing the insight to help decision-makers target resources more effectively with West Yorkshire’s regional Data Observatory - Click here

West Yorkshire Data Observatory
Greater London Authority

Gareth Piggott
Greater London


How data visualisation is helping the Greater London Authority meet its objectives - Click here

5 tips for creating point maps in InstantAtlas

(1.5 hour lesson)

Create highly customised
InstantAtlas components
using the Feature Card

(2 hour lesson)

With Head of InstantAtlas Support

Dr. Pierre Jenkins

InstantAtlas | 5 top tips
for mastering legends


With Head of InstantAtlas Support

Dr. Pierre Jenkins

UK Government Examples

North America Government Examples

Government Reporting by Theme

Election Results

InstantAtlas dynamic reports are ideal for presenting election results and creating political and social atlases.

The key feature of the product

is its ability to create reports

and maps at any geographic

scale or coverage.


InstantAtlas enhances the value of educational performance or attainment data by making national, state, district and individual school patterns easy to see and explore.

Census Data

InstantAtlas is now being used by a number of organisations to present Census data in a visual format.


See our customer examples, demos and tutorial on how to use InstantAtlas for Census Data reporting

InstantAtlas Products for Government Reporting

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