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InstantAtlas Desktop - Product Maintenance


  • New HTML Area Profile template configuration - Health Profile
  • New charts - Stacked Time Series and Area Breakdown charts
  • Auto calculation of quartile breaks for the HTML Performance Analysis/Health Profile configurations
  • Automatic map zooming to filter areas
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes to the HTML Edition templates and IA Desktop tools




  • New HTML Templates - Population Pyramid, Double Base Layer, Election Results, Scatter Plot and Advanced Bubble Plot
  • Enhanced Feature Card component in HTML templates
  • Added an option to validate Metadata settings in the Excel Data Manager
  • Many further enhancements and bug fixes to the HTML and Flash Edition templates as well as to the IA Desktop tools




  • New ArcGIS Online Templates - Single Map, Double Map and Area Profile - to build dynamic reports based on ArcGIS Online content
  • Updated Publisher and Designer to work with the ArcGIS Online Templates
  • Impoved Data Model tool to create data file out of digital map files used for the base geography layer
  • Added a Time Animation component, a Feature Card component and a Seach Tool for the Map to the existing HTML Edition templates
  • A number of further enhancements and bug fixes to the HTML Edition templates




  • Double Map, Double Map Time Series and Area Profile templates now available as HTML Edition
  • A number of enhancements and bug fixes to the Single Map (HTML Edition)



  • Bug fix for issue where certain text in the dynamic reports would not appear translated as defined in the config.xml file but fall back to English



  • Issue fixed where Flash Player 11.4 (and higher) now requires all Flash applications that want to access external contents such as images from a Web Map Service (WMS) or ArcGIS Server/Online Service to check for a cross-domain policy file on the external Server.
  • Improved Pyramid Chart axis scaling and added comparison option
  • Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes



  • New template - Single Map (HTML Edition) - no browser plug-in required, works on touch screen devices such as iPad VIEW!
  • Publisher can now re-project digital map data to match the coordinate system of a WMS or ArcGIS Server/ArcGIS Online background layer



  • Bug fix for Designer refresh loop issue
  • Small number of additional bug fixes



  • Bug fix for incorrect initial map zoom
  • A few additional bug fixes to the InstantAtlas Templates



  • Included updated French and Spanish language packs



  • New template – Double Base Layer template – for combined point/polygon display of data in the same map VIEW!
  • New configuration for the Single Map template that is enhanced for performance (large numbers of geographic features)
  • New component – Pyramid Chart – for side-by-side population data breakdowns by age category VIEW!
  • New component – Dot Plot – for showing data spread around a median as dots VIEW!
  • New component – Statistics component – that provides on-the-fly descriptive statistics for the active indicator VIEW!
  • New component – Google Search – allowing place searches to be located on the Google Maps background mapping VIEW!
  • Alternative icons for contextual point layers
  • Support for GeoRSS feeds as contextual layers
  • Many other more enhancements and bug fixes



  • Bug fix for Google Maps incorrect zoom level
  • Small number of additional bug fixes



  • New free template – HTML Profile template - for creation of accessible non-Flash area profiles VIEW!
  • New component – the Advanced Pie Chart – for area-specific data breakdowns VIEW!
  • Support for Google Maps as background mapping
  • Option to save publishing sessions as Project files
  • Support for grouping, aligning and moving components in the Designer
  • Many other more enhancements and bug fixes



  • New template - Election Results template - for the display of national to local election results VIEW!
  • New configuration - the Radar Chart configuration - added to the Area Profile template VIEW!
  • Support for labelling of features in the map (available for base and contextual layers with control over scale thresholds)
  • Full French language support
  • Other enhancements and important bug fixes



  • New template - Bubble Plot template - for multidimensional data visualisation VIEW!
  • New charts for the Single Map template (box and whisker, discrete time series, flipped bar/time charts)
  • New configurations - Community Health Profiles config for the Area Profile template
  • Full Spanish language support
  • Other enhancements and important bug fixes



  • Full German language support
  • Important bug fixes



  • Addition of other v6 templates
  • Animation of time series data
  • Ability to switch base layers within one report
  • Many other important enhancements and bug fixes



  • Fix to the InstantAtlas for ArcGIS toolbar



  • Improved Performance: reports load faster and handle more data
  • Improved handling of decimal points
  • User controlled layer transparency
  • Support for custom class breaks
  • Colour coded data table
  • Improved chart labels
  • Adobe Flex technology


Version 5.1.0. Release date: July 2008


  • The installer can be run in English, French, German or Spanish
  • Version 5.1.0 templates are multilingual. This means they can be published in English, French, German or Spanish.
  • Language packs now exist for the software user interface in US English, French, German and Spanish. They affect user interface text in the Publisher, Designer and Style Editor.
  • Getting Started Guides (PDF) now exist in English, French, German and Spanish
  • A new template, the Double Map Time Series template
  • Publisher enhanced to support the Double Map Time Series template
  • An improved Excel Data Manager add-in


Version 5.0.0. Release date: March 2008


  • Support for MapInfo TAB files
  • Support for ESRI DBF, MapInfo TAB and MapInfo MID/MIF files as attributes in end report without using Data Managers
  • Improved desktop application performance
  • Improved licensing to get round issues on laptops and multiple network cards
  • Improved language support
  • Improved support for Web Map Services (WMS) as background mapping
  • Improved support for users running Windows Vista
  • Global replace feature for style editor
  • Key desktop application bug fixes
  • New “Radar Chart” Flash template
  • Improved Flash template “geo-performance” (i.e. faster map navigation)
  • Improved Flash template “startup performance”
  • Flash template support for lines
  • Key Flash template bug fixes


Version 4.2.2. Release date: December 2007


  • New Flash Funnel Plot 4.1.0 template
  • New printing and exporting features in all Flash 4.1.0 templates
  • Enhancements to the spine chart in the Flash 4.1.0 Area Profile template
  • PDF User Guides updated to document new features
  • Numerous important bug fixes for the Flash Single, Double, Area Profile and Performance Profile 4.1.0 templates


Version 4.2.1. Release date: May 2007


  • Important WMS bug fix
  • Flash Double Map template
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for Flash Single Map and Area Profile templates
  • Critical bug fixes to SVG templates (except Funnel Plot)


Template Update. Release date: April 2007


  • Key enhancements to the appearance and functionality of the Area Profile (Flash) template


Version 4.2.0. Release date: April 2007


  • Important fixes made to the Publisher/Designer/Style Editor suite
  • Important fixes for Flash Single Map template
  • Flash edition of the Area Profile template




InstantAtlas Server - Product Maintenance


Version 6.6.0. Release date: April 2015


  • Integration of new Report Builder tool for building IAS profiles
  • New look and feel for the admin and user websites
  • Redirection to HTML or Flash reports depending on user viewing device/browser
  • Updated version of the profile PDF export tool
  • Confidence limits can now be shown in data view tables and dynamic reports
  • Numerator/denominator decimal places can now be controlled in HTML5 reports
  • Ability to set automatic aggregation at Indicator level
  • Ability to bulk select/delete indicators after carrying out a search in the admin console
  • The bulk data linkage tool options expanded


Version 6.5.2. Release date: March 2014


  • New NOMIS Data Transfer tool
  • Widget properties reorganised
  • Comparison areas in profiles improved
  • Improvements for running a system with mini-sites
  • Enhanced support for HTML5 dynamic IA reports
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes


Version 6.5.1. Release date: November 2012


  • Enhanced support for HTML5 dynamic IA reports
  • Server Publisher display enhancements
  • Server Publisher support for HTML5
  • NeSS download tool enhancements
  • Quadrant chart support
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes


Version 6.5.0. Release date: June 2012


  • Data ownership
  • Data update user notifications
  • Open data/linked data
  • HTML5 template support
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes


Version 6.4.4. Release date: December 2011


  • Oracle support brought up to date
  • Various minor fixes


Version 6.4.3. Release date: November 2011


  • Support for storing and navigating multi-dimensional datasets
  • Various minor fixes


Version 6.4.2. Release date: August 2011


  • Changes to administration pages to improve performance for systems with very large numbers of data themes
  • Various minor fixes


Version 6.4.1. Release date: June 2011


  • Server Publisher - Now makes use of the REST API and support for versions 9.3 and 10 for ArcGIS Server.
  • Data Views - Improved tabular view. No longer requires refreshing of page. Replacement of selection links by buttons. Theme – Indicator listing now starts with Theme expanded to display all Indicators.
  • Data Views – Support for cell-level metadata
  • Data Views – Numerator and Denominator aliasing on a per Indicator basis through use of a Metadata field.
  • Profiles - Improvement to Profile page. No longer refreshes entire page when a feature is chosen.
  • Profiles - Widget streaming. Each widget is rendered one by one and there is now the ability to improve the perceived performance of the Profiles page.
  • Profiles - Radar Chart widget (Beta Mode)
  • Index level of “All” can now be applied through Administration Site /Data/indexing.aspx. The timeout of this page (20mins) can be extended through the use of Website application settings.
  • Many other enhancements and important bug fixes


Version 6.4.0. Release date: February 2011


  • New suite of data transfer tools – transfer between IAS systems, transfer into IAS from ONS Neighbourhood Statistics, task scheduler
  • User website changed to meet web content accessibility guidelines priorities 1 and 2
  • Improved Web Service documentation, accessible directly from the Web Services pages.
  • Improved error messages and simplification of rules for Bulk Data Import.
  • All selection trees now maintain state when moving between pages (Theme hierarchy state is remembered per client session). This can be controlled through an Admin Site setting.
  • Ability to include HTML Metadata that may be used for search engine optimisation on a page by page basis using Web-Resource entries.
  • Performance enhancements on the database. These can be controlled through indexes that can be set on a hidden Admin page: {Admin Site}/Data/indexes.aspx
  • Profile caching can be enabled on the settings page to allow Profiles to cache on the web server
  • User and Administrator alerted if account is locked out through a number of incorrect logins.
  • Admin report which shows all Indicators that have Instance level Metadata value between a set of chosen dates. Will work off user specified Metadata item. Useful for checking when data should be updated or when an Indicator can be archived.
  • Widgets and Sections lists can be filtered through a Search pane.
  • Additional user group „IASDataSuppliers‟ that have permissions to upload data only.
  • Date drop down boxes to replace calendars for Admin Site allowing time-based queries on the Usage Reports and other screens requiring a date query.
  • Data Views - The Indicator selection tree on the HTML view of a Data View no longer refreshes every time the table refreshes.
  • Profiles - Table Widget extended to optionally show a difference column which shows change for a specified indicator since a previous time period. The cells can be rendered based on a rule e.g. if > 70 display “Improved”.
  • Profiles - Option to show all X axis labels in chart Widget.
  • Advanced Data Views - Table caches in browser for a pre-defined set of time to allow navigation into sub-menus and return to table without reloading.
  • Advanced Profiles - Profile caches in browser for a pre-defined set of time to allow export to Word or PDF in the browser and then return to the original Profile without reloading.
  • Many other enhancements and important bug fixes


Version 6.3.1. Release date: July 2010


  • Improvements to ordering of dataviews, profiles, resources, etc
  • Profile widgets now grouped by profile
  • Performance enhancement for retrieving widgets
  • Support for locale-specific quick profiles
  • Improved error logging
  • Flexibility of XML bulk loader improved
  • Other enhancements and many important bug fixes


Version 6.3.0. Release date: February 2010


  • Wide-ranging enhancements to performance, caching and functionality and bug fixes affecting all modules


Version 6.2.2. Release date: January 2010


  • Further performance enhancements
  • Fix to relative comparisons


Version 6.2.1. Release date: November 2009


  • Performance enhancements and important bug-fixes


Version 6.2.0. Release date: Oct 2009


  • Wide-ranging enhancements and bug fixes affecting all modules


Version 6.1.0. Release date: July 2009


  • Addition of advanced modules
  • Ability to add items to Favourites
  • Important bug fixes


Version 6.0.0. Release date: April 2009


  • Re-written in Microsoft ASP .NET
  • Support for storing data in remote databases
  • Complete multi-language support
  • New improved user interface
  • Support for calculated ratios from existing indicators
  • Improved profiles including display as PDF
  • New Server Publisher module allowing streaming of vector data from ArcGIS Server


Version 4.3.1. Release date: June 2008


  • Security patch to block SQL injection vulnerability


Version 4.3.0. May 2008


  • Support for Flash 5.0.0 templates
  • Support for Radar Chart
  • Integration with Spatial Server module
  • Support for Oracle 10g


Version 4.2.0. January 2008


  • Support for Flash 4.1.0 templates
  • Area selection by Flash map in Advanced modules
  • Support for displaying associate values alongside indicators
  • Time periods can now be left empty
  • Option to now overwrite or keep existing metadata
  • Ability to set dataset update alert
  • Aggregations bug fix
  • Numerous minor fixes



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