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IAS Training | course subjects


  • System Overview
  • Terminology


Managing Geo-Types

  • Defining Geo-Types
  • Editing Geo-Types
  • Defining relationships between Geo-Types (lookups)
  • Managing Filters
  • Managing Comparison Areas
  • Subsets


Managing Data

  • Managing Themes
  • Adding and editing Indicators and Indicator Instances
  • Managing Aggregations
  • Staging Area


Data Loading

  • Using the Excel Data Manager
  • Generating XML
  • Loading XML


Managing Data Views

  • Uploading and Registering Dynamic Reports
  • Editing a Data View


Advanced Data Loading

  • Metadata
  • Managing Associates


Advanced Data Management

  • Adding Data Connections
  • Importing Data
  • Adding custom Dates and Times
  • Calculated Indicators

Managing Profiles

  • Adding and Editing Profiles
  • Adding and Editing Profile Sections
  • Adding and Editing Profile Widgets
  • Setting up Quick Profiles


Managing News & Resources

  • Adding News Items
  • Adding Resources


Managing Users

  • Adding and Deleting Users
  • Adding and Editing User Groups
  • System Usage



  • Changing System Settings
  • Changing Website Text
  • Changing Website Styles
  • Supporting multiple language locales



We also provide training for more advanced users of IAS in areas including but not limited to the following:


  • Tips and tricks for changing the functionality of the front end website
  • Adding new pages and skins to the website
  • Implementation of advanced visualisations, for example population pyramids and funnel plots
  • Worked example of fetching data from remote databases
  • Embedding IAS outputs into other web pages
  • Linking IAS to other business systems

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