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InstantAtlas has seven templates (all available in Flash and HTML5) which consist of three core templates – Single Map, Double Map, Area Profile – two Double Map variant templates – Double Map Time Series and Double Base Layer – one Area Profile variant template – Election Results – and one specialist template – Bubble Plot – from which to create stand-alone or server dynamic reports. You can see the features in each template by viewing the samples in the table below.


Single Map

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Double Map

See Examples

HTML_SingleMap_US HTML_DoubleMap_US

The Single Map template combines a single map and table with a range of supporting chart types. It is our least specialist template and is generally applicable to all data types, making it a popular choice for those starting out with InstantAtlas.

The Double Map template combines two linked maps, a table and a scatter plot for data display. It is ideally suited to side-by-side thematic mapping of two different indicators and exploring the degree of correlation.

Double Map Time Series

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Double Base Layer

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HTML_DoubleMapTimeSeries_US HTML_DoubleMapBaseLayer_US

The Double Map Time Series template includes two independent maps with charts linked to each map. The spatial data for each map can be the same or different, so that you can thematically map indicator data for two different geographies if you wish.

The Double Base Layer template allows two base (thematic) layers to be superimposed in the same map. Each base layer has its own dedicated table, charts and other components. This template is commonly used to display graduated points over shaded polygons which can be an effective way of presenting either numerical data (points) over categorical data (polygons), or count values (points) over rates (polygons).

Area Profile

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Election Results

See Examples

HTML_AreaProfile_US_spinechart HTML_ELECTIONS_UK

The Area Profile template includes the spine chart component which enables at-a-glance analysis across a range of indicators for a selected map feature. Indicators are arranged vertically in a scrollable list. The spine chart is highly configurable and can be tailored to display data using text, symbols and coloured shaded bars. It makes the comparison of profiles for different areas quick and easy.

The Election Results template combines a map of election results, a table with results by area, a table with the overall results and a horizontal bar chart showing area-by-area details and a breakdown of results for each candidate in that area. It is specifically designed for elections where you have multiple candidates representing different parties standing to be elected for a set of specific areas. It does support the concept of having one or more winning candidates per area (as is the case for UK local elections for example).

Bubble Plot

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The Bubble Plot template combines a single map with a bubble plot for multidimensional data reporting. The bubble plot can display data for up to four variables simultaneously using a combination of bubble position, size and colour. The configurations available for this template are adapted for different data presentations styles and levels of expertise. These include using the bubble plot as a normal scatterplot or a funnel plot.




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