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“How InstantAtlas has helped Liguria’s Regional Health Agency create a local health profile using interactive mapping”

How did you get started?


We started out by using the tutorial provided, but we also had valuable assistance from the InstantAtlas support team. We wanted to present the data broken down by geographic area (municipalities) and this was something we needed help with.


What sort of feedback have you had on the interactive maps?


We had an extremely positive feedback from experts and non-specialists.


How are you going to develop the interactive maps?


The tool currently uses the Flash area profiles with single map. We are now developing a second tool using Flash with double maps to show the correlations between indicators referring to lifestyles and chronic diseases.


Other benefits are:


  1. The tool is easy to use which means the data can be understood by a wide range of individuals who don’t need to be mapping experts
  2. By putting the health profile online we have made it easy to access without the need to install additional software, all they need is a web browser
  3. The health profile is easy to customise for individual users and they can find the information they need quickly












InstantAtlas in action



What is your project?


Our project was set up to develop a health profile of Liguria. The idea was to give local government officials, regional decision makers and policy makers a tool with essential information to help them identify local priorities for intervention and variances between needs, demand and supply of services.


We used the The European Community Health Indicators (ECHI), which have been consolidated and expanded by the European Community Health Indicators Monitoring (ECHIM) project. The ECHIM work was carried out in close collaboration with member states, the European Commission, Eurostat, WHO, OECD and other international organisations with the aim of supporting the European Union Health Strategy.


How did you come across InstantAtlas mapping software?


We discovered that several health organisations in United Kingdom were using InstantAtlas to create interactive maps and we wanted to see if it would work for us.


















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