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Getting started


Tom says he has been using geographical information systems (GIS) for many years but two years ago realised there were limitations when it came to delivering interactive solutions for clients who were not familiar with GIS. He looked at a number of options but decided InstantAtlas could work well for the Locus Insight client base. “Traditional GIS solutions were static in comparison and I think that certainly as far as standard PDFs go they have had their day when it comes to reporting data,” he says.


“The motivation for the company is to tackle the paradox where, in a world awash with data, nailing accurate, current information can be frustratingly difficult. Vast amounts of important data are available in the public domain but navigating and interpreting it is often daunting.”



Meeting the need


Locus has many different outputs and is constantly looking to improve its offer to clients. For example, it has just developed a CRM application that enables it to deploy and manage reports with minimum effort from clients.












The Irish Hospitals Data Monitor releases the data from the confines of a static report to an instantly accessible interactive format providing rapid access to critical information on the acute hospital system.



Tom explains that these reports are used by a broad audience. “We find that users are mainly in the academic field but it does include journalists and commentators.” says Tom.
















Future developments


Locus is working with InstantAtlas to see whether there is potential for it to be used as a performance dashboard in business intelligence. Tom believes that current solutions aren’t very strong on the geographic aspect of data visualisation. The dashboard would aggregate data from several different sources and allow users to compare metrics between dispersed business units


Key benefits


  • InstantAtlas has become a key ‘add-on’ for the Locus Insight core GIS work
  • Locus Insight is able to present data in a user-friendly format which appeals to a wide user audience
  • Data presentation is helping Locus Insight meet one of its core objectives – to make data accessible and easily understandable



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