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Nestle Research Centre - Health and Nutrition Atlas

How web mapping software is helping Nestlé employees to understand global nutrition with the help of an easy-to-use Nutrition and Health Atlas

Who are the main users?


At the moment it is only accessible internally although our ambition is to make it accessible to the public. Our current focus is to make sure it is updated regularly and is user friendly.


What sort of feedback have you had?


Our internal users have found the Nutrition and Health Atlas website very helpful and they have used it to develop fact based booklets, educational materials and to support businesses. It is also used to provide a country-by-country overview of nutrition and health data.


Have you used the InstantAtlas support team?


Yes, we did contact the support team and they were very helpful because we needed to customise InstantAtlas Server, we also wanted to make sure the latest data was being linked to the maps.


What are the benefits of using InstantAtlas?


The combination of InstantAtlas Server and InstantAtlas Professional Services has helped us to develop a truly well-structured, easy-to-use website compiling a vast array of data which in turn helps colleagues at Nestlé in their daily work.


Nutrition and Health Atlas landing page and brand indentity

How InstantAtlas Professional Services helped Nestlé


Our Professional Services team started out with an initial design consultation with Nestlé. We then used the team’s web design expertise to create three design concepts and a global brand identity for the website. We also developed printed marketing material including brochure guides and promotional flyers for Nestlé. The website is hosted by InstantAtlas and we also provide an assets library service which enable Nestlé to retrieve and share creative collateral. The next step will be to use search engine optimisation (SEO) to expand the reach of the Nutrition and Health Atlas in 2016.



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