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“Giving Clinical Commissioning Groups in England the information they need for strategic planning in an easy-to-access, easy-to-understand format”

What are the CCG tools?



The CCG Outcomes Tool allows users to view maps, charts and tables for all CCGs. An Outcomes Explorer allows the user to see the relationships between two outcomes, or between demographic information and outcomes. Rob Shaw, Economic Adviser, NHS England explains how the two were developed.


How did you come across InstantAtlas?


We initially produced some information packs for CCGs in PDF format. However, the feedback we had was that users wanted to be able to interact with the data. So we started to look for interactive mapping software. We knew InstantAtlas had been used previously by the Department of Health and so downloaded the free trial. We used this to create a mock-up which created substantial interest within NHS England.


Once we had made the case for InstantAtlas we were able to start using it in earnest and bring in data from HSCIC as well as our own information on patient registrations and other data we collect. We now have five products that we make available through the NHS England planning tools web page. The Outcomes Tool and Explorer provide useful insight and help CCGs look to see where their outcomes may be poor and then make comparisons with other CCGs in their area or CCGs with similar population characteristics.














CCG Outcomes Tool allows users to view maps, charts and tables of individual outcome indicators across CCGs, and to view a spine chart of all the outcomes for one or more CCGs

We run Google analytics on the web pages and we can see that on a typical weekday we get over 150 visits across our tools. One reason for the popularity is that we created a Level of Ambition Atlas that CCGs can use to support setting their five year strategic plans for high level outcomes. The atlas helps show where they are starting from, historic trends, and outcomes in similar CCGs or Local Authority areas. The indicators include: reducing avoidable years of life lost, improving the quality of life for people with long-term conditions; reducing the amount of time people spend in hospital unnecessarily and increasing the proportion of older people living at home following discharge from hospital.
















CCG Outcomes Explorer allows the user to explore the relationships between two outcomes or between demographic information and outcomes


How will you develop the tools and explorer in the future?


We are continually testing them internally and with CCGs. We would like to enable users to drill down to a more detailed analysis of the indicators so they can see what is happening, for example, at practice level. The challenge we face here is that the number of data points reduces significantly.


What are the benefits of using InstantAtlas?


We have been very impressed by the level of support from InstantAtlas which has been outstanding. The response we get is intelligent and speedy.


Other benefits are:


  1. InstantAtlas has helped us to present a large amount of data in such a way that users without sophisticated mapping skills can understand
  2. CCGs have access to the same information and can use this to benchmark individual performance
  3. Reports can include the option to export data so CCGs can see and manipulate the underlying information
  4. CCG performance on a range of indicators is available to the NHS and the public which improves transparency

















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