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No wild animal in North Carolina is as recognizable as the white-tailed deer

“Giving students and others an insight into patterns of health risk and
behavior at East Carolina University”

How is it being used?


It is used extensively by health departments and other agencies for community health needs assessments. It is also used for teaching in our public health curriculum. The double maps are useful as a teaching tool because they help our students understand multiple risk factors and causes in epidemiology. The Explorer can be used to teach linear methods for regression before going into more detailed analysis with SPSS and SAS.


However, the Explorer is publicly available and by using Google analytics we can see that it is not just students that are making use of it.


What are you plans for developing the Explorer?


We have been in discussion with environmental health professors at the University who are interested in including environmental factors into the Explorer. We would also like to add in population pyramids.


At the moment the data is not available at census tract level and we would really like to include zip code and congressional districts so we can map data by political districts and at municipal and neighborhood levels.


What are the benefits of using InstantAtlas?


  • We can keep the Explorer up to date more easily than we would have done with the paper reports, which in turn means we can include the latest data
  • The maps can be extracted and used in other presentations since it is easy to export images to other files
  • The maps help us show patterns of health in an accessible and understandable format


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