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InstantAtlas Online - From *£995

Build and publish online dashboards and reports.

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InstantAtlas Online Plus - From *£xxxx

Build and publish online dashboards and reports. Access to National Data Service (NDS)

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InstantAtlas Classic Desktop - From *£3980

Design and publish stand-alone atlases and dashboards and upload them to your website or blog. + Bundled with IA Online Account

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InstantAtlas Server - From *£9850

Integrate your atlases, dashboards and reports with Server to create a complete community or local information system.

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Why choose InstantAtlas?

integrating data sources
Enhance your data
Reuse as often as you like
  • Integrate existing
    data sources

    Leverage existing investment in your ESRI platform or in existing databases or data services by direct links to the underlying data and maps

  • Use and re-use as often
    as you need

    Design once then use, and re-use, atlases, dashboard and reports for different geographies and different statistics across your organisation. The more you use InstantAtlas the greater the return on your investment.

  • Enhances the value of your data and
    makes your reports stand out

    Make it easy for your audience to see regional and local patterns and trends in performance using InstantAtlas instead of static tables and charts.


Quick and easy to implement
target audience
Free to view
Don't reinvent the wheel
  • Let's your target audience answer
    their own questions

    Create a self-service evidence base so people can get the information they want without having to wait; free up your time to spend adding intelligence to your data instead of answering the same questions over and over.


  • No need to
    "re-invent the wheel"

    Online and Desktop come with ready-to-use layouts or templates. There is no development required. You can use a layout 'out-of-the-box' or customise with a range of map, chart, table and text widgets or components.

  • Pay to publish;
    free to view

    You only pay for the tools to design and publish.  Your audience does not require user licences to view your atlases, dashboard and reports

  • Quick and easy
    to implement

    Take data from a spreadsheet, publish an atlas and embed it on your web site in just a few minutes. You don't need any special technical knowledge.
    If you can use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and an Internet browser then you can publish and maintain InstantAtlas reports.

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