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“How Public Health England is using interactive mapping software to present detailed public health data with the NHS Atlas of Variation”

“We consider the NHS Atlas series as an important set of publications that has received a positive response from clinicians, commissioners and managers alike. In many localities across England, the NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare has been used as a stimulus to start a search for unwarranted variation, and as a springboard to releasing resources for re-investment in higher-value healthcare for local patients and populations.”

NHS England

How did you create the latest Atlas of Variation in Healthcare?


What do you think are the benefits of using mapping software?


Presenting health data as an Atlas is helpful because it means you can manipulate a large amount of data and users can find the information they need quickly. It opens the data up to a wide range of users. It is also a good way to show differences between urban areas and rural areas. The online Atlas is a useful way of exploring the data further for those reading the NHS Atlas of Variation PDF document.


Can you tell us how the Atlases will be developed?

We are going to produce more themed atlases alongside existing atlases for children and young people, diabetes, kidney disease, respiratory disease, liver disease and diagnostic services.

The NHS Atlas of Healthcare Variation 2015

NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare 2015 in the news (external articles)

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