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Create powerful and dynamic

reports and profiles

InstantAtlas provides two types of output: Dynamic reports and Profile reports.


You publish Dynamic reports using InstantAtlas Desktop. You put them straight on a web site, 'stand-alone', or load them into InstantAtlas Server and drive data straight from a database.


You publish Profile reports using InstantAtlas Server with data directly from a database.



Dynamic reports: Pre-defined views, packed with features including point and area maps, map panning and zooming, dynamic links between charts, tables, maps and legends, hotlinks to external web pages.


Dynamic reports are highly-interactive and a great way to explore data. They use the Adobe Flash engine to deliver a highly interactive interface.



Profile reports: Area-based profile reports with text, tables, graphs, maps and images in a layout that you design.


Profile reports bring together data about an area and present it as a conventional, accessible web-page, easy to read or convert to PDF and take away.




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