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The Cancer Equalities Portal brings together a range of equality metrics, with the aim of informing action to tackle inequalities and measuring progress towards this. The portal has been launched to support the NCEI's report Reducing cancer inequality: evidence, progress and making it happen.

“The NCIN had already produced information to demonstrate geographic inequalities in cancer, but these had simply not had the impact that we required. The InstantAtlas tool has allowed new visual insights to be gained, particular in these areas of inequalities. The InstantAtlas tool has allowed us to reach a wider community, and engage with existing professionals and commissioners far more intuitively. What has been particularly impressive is the remarkably short lead-time, from production of the information, to the prototype atlas layouts, through to final go-live. The ability to produce rapid prototypes has had unexpected benefits, seeing the InstantAtlas tool now being used in areas which we never imagined when the original scope was defined.”

Chris Carrigan, Head of National Coordinating Team, National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN)

The GLA ward profiles and ward atlas provide a range of demographic and related data for each ward in Greater London. They are designed to provide an overview of the population in these small areas by presenting a range of data on the population, diversity, households, life expectancy, housing, crime, benefits, land use, deprivation, and employment.

See the latest Ward Profiles and Atlas (available in Flash & HTML) - Released January 2013

Gareth Piggott, Senior Research and Statistical Analyst of the GLA says: “We are going to be using InstantAtlas more and more. A good example of this is the ongoing project called Focus on London. Rather than having a 200 page report that is produced every year, we will be releasing one chapter per month with interactive mapping on our website. This means we will have a new InstantAtlas report every month.”