data visualization tools

Area Profiling

Area Profiles bring together relevant information and data about an area of interest and present it in a structured report blending text, maps, charts, tables and images. They often contrast the profiled area with geographic or statistical neighbours.

Cancer Registries

InstantAtlas is now well-adopted by cancer registries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. It is ideal for presenting incidence and mortality data and trends in a spatial context to internal and external audiences.

Census Data Reporting

InstantAtlas is now being used by a number of organisations to present Census data in a visual format. Many have already updated their websites to include the first release of the UK 2011 Census data which was recently made available online and in tables through the Office for National Statistics.

Community Information Systems

Community Information Systems are web-based solutions, often implemented and supported by a local partnership, that provide a range of end-user functionality from simple reports to more sophisticated analytical and data visualization tools.

Education Monitoring

InstantAtlas enhances the value of educational performance or attainment data by making national, state, district and individual school patterns easy to see and explore.

Election Reporting

InstantAtlas dynamic reports are ideal for presenting election results and creating political and social atlases. The key feature of the product is its ability to create reports and maps at any geographic scale or coverage.

International Development

InstantAtlas is being used across the world and in developing nations to help governments, health and social care organizations, funding bodies and community groups to better understand local patterns of health needs.

Government Reporting

InstantAtlas is being used widely across Government at all levels - international, national, regional and local.

Local Information Systems

GeoWise is a UK market leader in delivering off-the-shelf Local Information Systems (LIS) and Data Observatory solutions.

Performance Reporting

Reporting on performance across the government sector has traditionally been an internal process of providing static indicator reports of current state against baselines and targets to senior managers and elected officials.

Public Safety

InstantAtlas report outputs can be linked to databases to deliver live crime dashboards or they can be completely stand-alone and portable.

Survey Reporting

InstantAtlas directly addresses the challenge of presenting survey results in a way that allows any number of web site users to explore them intuitively.