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Survey Reporting and Mapping with InstantAtlas

InstantAtlas directly addresses the challenge of presenting survey results in a way that allows any number of web site users to explore them intuitively. It is an ideal internal and external reporting solution where users need the flexibility to explore the results interactively themselves and the ability to understand the geographic breakdown of the results.

Examples where InstantAtlas tools have been used for communicating survey results include, in the US, the BRFSS (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System) Survey and, in the UK, the Place Survey. BRFSS is the world’s largest telephone based survey of the state of public health of the population and is undertaken at the state level annually. The Place Survey is a large, bi-annual postal survey to gauge the perceived level of satisfaction of local residents with the standard of services provided by local government and its partners – this is undertaken by local authorities with results being consolidated on a national basis. For more detail about BRFSS and the Place Survey see our dedicated pages.

InstantAtlas supports the presentation of survey results at any reporting geography whether it’s a national survey broken down into state-level results or a City-wide survey broken into neighbourhoods. The key factor is the sampling framework used for the survey – for example, if sample sizes are too low the results can become statistically insignificant when broken down into multiple geographic areas. The InstantAtlas solution for survey results is suited to reporting on surveys where the sampling framework has been built to allow the results to be geographically dis-aggregated. Alternatively, as with both the Place Survey and BRFSS, it suits the situation where there is strong overall coordination of multiple surveys in different areas and the need to present results for all areas through a single, consistent report.

Survey Reporting Examples

Leicestershire Profile Report for Place Survey results


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Two national reports (England) have been created by the Leicestershire Statistics & Research Team to disseminate the results of the Place Survey. They are designed to allow users to rapidly profile specific areas in terms of their survey results against suitable comparators – in this case average values for the respective region and nationally. Indicators have been created from the questionnaire responses and their values are profiled for one or more areas. Filters can be applied to select, for example, similar types of authority, authorities in the same geographic region or the top 10 nearest statistical neighbors. These allow users to benchmark one authority against others.

The reports are now live from

Coverage: England

Geography: Upper and Lower Tier Authorities

InstantAtlas Template: Area Profile


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