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InstantAtlas talks to Torbay Council

How Torbay Council is helping partner organisations to understand and
use JSNA data through interactive mapping

What sort of feedback have you had?


Although we haven’t done any formal evaluation as yet, Google Analytics indicates the tools are being well used, both by new and repeat users. An example of where the tools are being used is by local schools. They use the profile tool and the community asset tools in combination to build a health and demographic picture of their catchment areas. Also information from the tools has been used in various Torbay Council reports and to support voluntary sector funding bids.


We have found the charts and maps are what people want to use and also that we need to provide demonstrations of how to use the tools to help build people’s confidence so that they can interrogate the information themselves. This is an opportunity for us to develop in the future.


What are the next steps for the interactive tools?


The JSNA is a significant piece of work therefore data and data used within the interactive tools is only updated every two years. This means that some information is out of date and will be requiring a refresh soon. Going forward we are planning to include a future resident and registered population projection tool using the same InstantAtlas population pyramid template that we have used previously. This should help our partners to plan services and improve population outcomes for the future at their specified local geography area. We would also like to include a tool that allows users to look for associations between two variables such as the association between deprivation and premature mortality.

Torbay Council | Registered Population Pyramid Tool Dashboard

What are the benefits of using InstantAtlas?


Torbay Council | Children and Young People Asset Map Dashboard

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