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“Using mapping software to provide accessible intelligence to political and administrative decision makers in West and East Agder county”



The county of West and East Agder is responsible for regional development, upper secondary education, transport, culture, economic development, public health and dental services. The councils provide information to a wide range of stakeholders about what is happening within each of the municipalities and regions.


Getting started with InstantAtlas


Espen Moseidjord is a project leader for the provision of statistics for West and East Agder county. He says there is a high demand for data and statistics, but as this comes from a number of different sources, it has in the past been difficult to present a composite picture. “This was the impetus for developing a new statistics and analytics portal,” he says. “We wanted to give users a way of getting hold of the latest data so political decisions could be based on real facts instead of assumptions.”



Meeting the need



As for feedback from users, the site is still being piloted and he has been visiting the municipalities and regions to show them the portal. “They can see how it will help them understand where areas of unmet need are and also how it can be used to inform and monitor the health and socio-economic status of our municipalities/counties.”


















Future developments


Espen has recently included the double map feature although this has not yet been published on the portal. Espen also hopes to expand and organise the content of the existing single-map. This expansion will include new indicators. “I would also like to carry out some research by collecting data and presenting it through the portal,” he says.


Top technical tip


Don’t give users too many ways to visualise the data. Even if you have a lot of data it is best to present in a user-friendly way with fewer diagram and chart options.



Other benefits are:


  1. The new portal presents relevant data in an accessible and logical way
  2. Users are able to make comparisons between municipalities over time
  3. The portal is helping to meet the county’s requirement to publish data
  4. InstantAtlas helps users see trends in selected priorities over time








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