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InstantAtlas 是一套综合了设计,填充和出版动态报告功能的工具。

模板- 预先设定的视图,所包括的特色有标点和区域地图,地图移动和图形大小变换。并可以与外部网页的图表,表格,地图和地图的图例建立起动态链接。

出版者- 一个简单易用的向导驱动桌面工具,便于研究人员和分析师将地理信息嵌入他们选择的模板里。

设计者和风格编辑- 简单易用的桌面工具,研究人员和分析师可以自由配置,布局和风格化他们的InstantAtlas报告,并通过CD或者网站发布。

数据管理者- 加载了microsoft office软件,研究人员可以直接从电子表格(Excel)和电子数据库(Access)填充InstantAtlas动态报告。



模 板
InstantAtlas 有三个主要的模板- 单地图,双地图和地区信息模板。两个地区简介组变异模板- 性能分析和雷达图。还有一个专业的模板-漏斗图,用于创建独立的或者服务器动态报告。您只需购买您所需的模板。


您可以点击以下表格的例子以查看每个模板的功能。您需要一个因特网浏览器兼容的Flash浏览器,Adobe公司SVG阅读器或者内置支持SVG技术 (Firefox或者Opera)以查看以下例子。您发表的每一个动态报告也可用html表格查看,以符合易读性指引



Google Analytics tracking


  • Set up of analytics script across client website property
  • Create and automate (agreed) GA Key Performance Indicators and Intelligence reports for client management team
  • Set up goal/conversion related analytics
  • Audience profile reporting
  • Marketing campaign tracking and reporting to client management team
  • Woopra Analytics real-time KPI reporting and automatic alerting to client management team



Search Engine Optimisation


SEO management of client content


  • Enhance search results through the construction of structured data mark-up for pages to correctly parse your structured data mark-up and display it in Google search results
  • Weekly site health report including: Site keyword ranking, site crawl issues, site speed/performance, link issues and opportunities, traffic from search, landing page performance, site visibility, site insights and traffic report from source
  • SEO administration, management and control
  • Register site to core Google properties e.g. Maps, Business Centre
  • Keyword/keyword phrase research/explore with page level optimisation



Social Media Channel Management


  • Social media channel administration, management, social sentiment tracking, engaging post reporting.
  • Work with your communications team and assist in site broadcast messaging, management and measurement, including: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+



Key Benefits


  • Maximise your site's potential online reach
  • Improves site ROI and customer experience and engagement
  • Improve senior management buy in
  • Increase local usage and enhance stakeholder value


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